Important details regarding the hotel

**House Rules:**

Dear Guest! We are delighted to welcome you. It is of utmost importance to us that every room is handed over in the same condition to every guest. This can only be achieved if everyone follows the rules detailed below. The hotel only provides its services if the house rules are not violated. The house rules apply to all guests of the hotel, and the violation of the rules will result in the termination of the legal relationship between the hotel and the guest.

**1. Damages and Liability:**

1.1 Guests of Janus Hotel are obliged to respect our house rules and to avoid damages resulting from the violation of intended use, for which they are financially responsible.

1.2 Guests are financially responsible for any damage or destruction they cause, and they are required to compensate for the damages incurred.

1.3 The hotel is not responsible for personal belongings. Please take care of your personal items and valuables and do not leave them unattended.

1.4 The tools and equipment available on the hotel premises are for the use of guests. Everyone uses them at their own risk and is responsible for safety.

**2. Registration and Personal Data:**

2.1 It is mandatory for every guest to fill out the registration form accurately and scan the necessary identification documents. Filling out the registration form is obligatory for every guest, whether it is a pre-sent form or on-site completion.

2.2 Janus Hotel is required to provide data according to the regulations of the NTAK (National Tourist Information Service). It is important to know that the NTAK system uses the hotel’s data only for statistical purposes and does not deal with guests’ personal data. For more information, please visit the NTAK website.

2.3 Janus Hotel is obliged to provide data to the Guest Information Closed Database (VIZA). To do this, every guest is obliged to scan their personal documents (ID card, driver’s license, or passport). The VIZA system stores certain data, such as name, place and date of birth, nationality, mother’s name, and data from identification or travel documents.

2.4 By signing the registration form, the guest consents to the use of their personal data processed by the hotel. These data are used for the fulfillment of the contract, the confirmation of the service, and the fulfillment of legal obligations.

2.5 Towels and bathrobes can always be found in the room. If you wish to use them, there is an additional fee.

2.6 Rooms can be occupied from 3:00 PM on the day of arrival. If guests wish to occupy the room earlier, it is possible depending on availability and is subject to an extra charge. Details can be found in the hotel’s privacy policy on the website.

**3. Check-out Policy:**

3.1 The check-out time for the room is 11:00 AM. We kindly ask our guests to vacate the room by this time and take all their belongings with them. In case of late check-out, the hotel may charge an additional fee. Please take note of this time so the hotel can prepare for the arrival of new guests.

3.2 During check-out, guests should inform the reception of any items consumed from the minibar in their room. The cost of any consumption should be settled during check-out.

3.3 If guests wish to extend their room reservation, please inform the reception. However, the extension is subject to room availability.

3.4 During check-out, the hotel reserves the right to inspect the room’s condition. Guests should report any damages or missing items to the reception before checking out. Damages or missing items that were not reported during check-in may incur additional charges upon check-out.

3.5 The hotel reserves the right to impose penalties or additional charges in the event of a breach of the house rules. These penalties or charges must be settled during check-out. More information about the hotel’s penalty and surcharge policy can be obtained at the reception.

**4. Visitors:**

4.1 Visitors who are not staying at the hotel can use the hotel’s Hall (or lobby). They can stay if they are legitimately waiting or engaging in activities with one of the hotel guests.

4.2 Visitors are responsible for any damages caused by them, and the hotel is entitled to charge them for this.

4.3 If there are more people in the room than the reservation indicates, the hotel may charge an additional fee.

**5. Underage Guests:**

5.1 Any person who has not yet reached the age of 14 is considered a child in the hotel.

5.2 Parents or legal guardians are responsible for any damages caused by their child.

5.3 If a child displays disruptive behavior on the hotel premises, the hotel staff has the right to intervene.

**6. Pets:**

6.1 The presence of pets on the hotel premises is not allowed. This information is clearly displayed throughout the hotel, and complaints regarding this will not be accepted.

6.2 If one of the hotel guests brings a pet onto the hotel premises, the hotel staff has the right to intervene and remove the animal from the hotel in the most lawful manner.

**7. Hotel Facilities and Equipment:**

7. Hotel Facilities and Equipment

7.1 All of the hotel’s services and equipment must be used as intended by the guest. If you have any questions about any equipment or device, please contact our staff.

7.2 All equipment and devices located on the hotel premises may be used by the guest at their own risk.

8. Smoking

8.1 Smoking is strictly prohibited throughout the entire hotel premises. Smoking is allowed only in designated areas.

8.2 If a hotel guest does not adhere to the hotel’s rules and smokes after accepting the legal relationship and commencing services, the hotel may charge an additional fee to the guest’s room. The current amount of the surcharge is always indicated on the registration form, which the guest confirms with their own data and signature.

9. Disturbance, Disorderly Conduct

9.1 Our hotel staff does everything possible to ensure that the behavior of one guest does not negatively affect the experience of other guests staying on the property. Therefore, upon commencing the legal relationship, the guest accepts that disruptive behavior (loud noises, vandalism, verbal abuse, physical abuse, open sexual harassment, etc.) is not allowed on the hotel premises. If this is not successful, the hotel staff will always intervene.

9.2 If an incident occurs that can be interpreted as disruptive behavior, the hotel applies a three-step solution. First, a warning is issued for disruptive behavior. On the second occurrence, the hotel charges an extra fee of 100-400 EUR to the room. If there is a third incident, the hotel staff is obligated to unilaterally terminate the legal relationship immediately, according to the terms of the contract. In this case, the guest must leave the property immediately, and the accommodation provider is not obliged to make any financial reimbursements.

9.3 Due to the behavior of certain guests in the past, the hotel actively maintains a blacklist. Once a guest is placed on this list, we are unable to accommodate them in the future.

In the room, smoking is strictly prohibited. Designated areas for smoking are available in the hotel. Decorative materials, objects, pictures, etc. should not be relocated. Take care of their integrity. Decorative pillows should not be used for sleeping. Do not get rid of curtains, informational documents, etc. The items and accessories in the room upon arrival should match the departure situation. All equipment should be used as intended. If you have any questions, please contact the reception.

Dear guest, we hope you are satisfied with the room you have received. If any problem arises, please use the following warranty options:

1-Hour Guarantee: Within 1 hour of receiving the room, you can request another room of the same category, subject to availability. This is free, provided that you have not used any bedding, towels, restroom, etc. If no more rooms are available, you can choose the next available room of the same category on the following day, provided it becomes available at the original time of your booking. If the hotel cannot provide this, you have the option to withdraw your reservation.

Repair Guarantee: In case something in the room is not functioning properly but the room is still usable, please inform the reception immediately. We will try to fix the issue as soon as possible. If this is not possible, the hotel will offer a free replacement if rooms are available.

Opinion Statement Guarantee: During your stay, you can share your opinions, complaints, or requests at any time with the reception, discuss them with the Hotel Manager or Front Office Manager, or fill out a questionnaire.

Cancellation Guarantee: If your complaint is not resolved to your satisfaction and you do not want to stay in the hotel, you can cancel your reservation. In this case, the nights spent at the hotel will be charged at the standard rate, and discounted prices cannot be applied. For reservations made at the Early Special Rate, the pre-paid fees cannot be refunded.

Publicity Guarantee: You can freely publish your booking experience and opinions at any time on any booking portal.

Phone Information

Pick up the receiver and start dialing according to the following information:

Reception: 100 Room to room: 100 + room number (e.g., Room 4 -> 104) Local calls: dial 9, then the desired local number Long-distance calls: dial 9, then 06 and the desired number International calls: dial 9, then 00 and the desired international number Emergency call number: 9/112 Ambulance: 9/104 Fire department: 9/105 Police: 9/107

Information and Services

Reception service available 24/7 Check-out by 11:00 AM, with the option for late check-out until 3:00 PM. Accepted payment methods: cash (HUF), credit card, debit card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express), SZÉP card (K&H, OTP, MKB) Buffet breakfast: 8:00 AM – 11:00 AM, included in the room price Coffee and tea corner: available 24/7 Phone service at the reception: available 24/7 Request photocopying or printing at the reception: available 24/7 Free luggage storage

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